pH value

BRILL a natural alkaline mineral water with a pH value of 8.4, a highly alkaline capacity and a harmonic mineral composition.

Theoretically, if the pH is higher than 7, then a medium is considered alkaline. In practice, though, there is no point in considering waters having a lower pH than 8 as being alkaline.

The pH is a logarithmic scale where an increase of one pH unit corresponds to a 10- fold increase in the hydroxide-ion concentration (alkalinity concentration). That is why waters with a pH of 8 are 10 times more alkaline than those with a pH 7 level. This special characteristic of the pH scale makes it possible that a pH value of 8.4 is sufficient to double its alkalinity compared to water with a pH of 8.

The alkalinity of water does not depend strictly on the parameter of the pH though. Due to the presence of hydro-carbonate and carbonate ions the buffer capacity of the mineral water is increased. The buffer capacity shows how much acid is required by an alkaline medium to lower its pH level by one unit, namely how alkalized the water is. The buffer capacity is also related to the so called total alkalinity measured in the mineral water, whereas the total alkalinity is determined by the concentration of hydro-carbonate and carbonate ions.

The total alkaline value of the BRILL mineral water is 8,5 mmol/l, which is largely due to its high concentration of hydrogen-carbonate of 458mg/l.

Attention: two parameters must be considered when talking about the alkalizing effect: the pH and bicarbonate concentration.

One must consider two parameters whenever comparing alkalized mineral water to alkalized water gained via ionizing drinking water. The total salt content of regular drinking water is typically 250-300 mg/l, which is lower than that of the mineral water. In such waters, though, the concentration of bicarbonate ions will not exceed the level of 200-250mg/l, which amounts to only half the bicarbonate quantity found in BRILL mineral water. In other words, the alkalinity of the BRILL mineral water is twice as high as that of the electrochemically ionized alkaline water.

Of all Hungarian natural spring, mineral waters, BRILL has the greatest pH level.

BRILL is a noncarbonated mineral water. Contrary to alkaline waters that help the body restore its acid-base balance, carbonated waters cause acidity. Further, in such non-carbonated waters the natural flavor pertains. Since carbonic acid can significantly impact the taste of mineral water, even a low- quality alkaline – water can be fortified to taste like a delicious sparkling water. Bottling must also be done under strictly sterile conditions to ensure the product does not contain such preservatives as carbonic-acid. This is the reason why there is only a niche market for non-carbonated mineral waters.

And there is even less of a market for the high- quality, non-carbonated types.