A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with a pH value of 8.4! A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with an iodine concentration of 0,4 mg/l! It is also available in oxygen-enriched form!


It is a scientifically accepted fact that oxygen-deficiency in the cells favors the growth of cancer cells. The extra oxygen can slow down the development of tumors in case of certain types of cancer. The oxygen therapy is also used to supplement chemo and radioactive therapy. Nearly a third of today’s population strives with shortage of oxygen that makes them more prone to fatigue, to depression and to diseases. In case the body gets sufficient oxygen, the energy levels of the cells improve and vitality increases. Per a recent study on sportsmen, the oxygen-enriched water improved their performance level, it reduced heart rate measured at peak and it resulted in the moderation of the blood serum level despite an increased level of performance. On the average, a liter of fresh rain or spring water contains 8-10 mg of oxygen whereas a mere 3-5 mg can be found in a liter of drinking water. Oxygen is usually taken up from the lungs and through our skin but we are also able to utilize the oxygen from our drinks. Drinking oxygen-rich water allows molecular oxygen be absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucus membrane of the mouth, stomach and intestines further transported directly to the tissues, muscles and vital organs A short- time positive impact is that it will eliminate the oxygen- deficiency of the blood and organs, hereby reducing the physical fatigue. After passing through the stomach where the growth rate of oxygen content of the tissues becomes nearly ten times greater than the oxygen taken by breath, water enters the small intestines, where it is largely absorbed by the duodenum which has the same pH as this water.

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