A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with a pH value of 8.4! A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with an iodine concentration of 0,4 mg/l! It is also available in oxygen-enriched form!


Few people are aware that being overweight is nothing more than their system’s reaction to the disequilibrium of two important factors in the body:

 a healthy acid-alkali balance
 a healthy level of oxygen in the cells,

In its natural form, Brill mineral water helps to adjust the pH level of our acidified organism, in retrieving our daily need of iodine and via the added medical grade oxygen it can even increases the oxygenation of the cells.

Experience has demonstrated that a 0,5-1liter daily consumption of the 50 to 60 mg/l oxygenated Brill has shown a significant improvement in the general state of health.

These positive physiological effects are to be expected, if an adequate amount of oxygenated Brill water is consumed regularly, preferably on a daily basis.

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