Iodide concentration

BRILL a naturally iodized mineral water with an iodide concentration of 0,4 mg/l.

BRILL is a mild, naturally alkaline and iodized mineral water originating from a certified natural spring that can be consumed daily, without any constraints.

Of all the mineral waters extracted from Hungarian springs BRILL has the most optimal iodide concentration

Iodine deficiency can cause serious diseases such as: thyroid dysfunction, headaches, liver and kidney problems, fatigue, metabolism problems, developmental problems in children, fetus malformation in pregnant women, etc. Iodine plays a role in the burning of fatty acids and the reduction of the cholesterol level in the blood serum.

Therefore, it is essential to constantly replace iodine (iodide), preferably from natural sources.

The presence of sufficient quantities of iodine is essential for optimal physical and mental development. The minimum required daily iodine intake is 0.1 mg for adults and 0.25 mg for children respectively, while the required intake for pregnant women is 0.35 mg/day. The maximum intake can be as high as 1 mg/day, that is 5-20 times the recommended daily intake by the WHO. It is worth noting that the Japanese- well -known for being so healthy- intake as much as 1.0-1.2 mg/day of iodine (due to the high intake of marine fish and other marine organisms).

So, you can unrestrictedly enjoy consuming BRILL as it helps the harmonic functioning of the body with no ill health-effects.