A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with a pH value of 8.4! A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with an iodine concentration of 0,4 mg/l! It is also available in oxygen-enriched form!

Pure water

Since the water content of our tissues is considered chemically diluted, the mineral content of our drinking water is extremely important. The consumption of pure water allows our body to remove toxins, relieves our immune system and increases resistance.

BRILL fulfills the above conditions since its osmotic pressure stays below that of the cells’ due to its low calcium and magnesium concentration, it helps detoxify the body!

As the water is soft, it is useful in preventing the formation of kidney stones, especially for those who are susceptible to it. In many cases, consumers reported that this water helped in urinary sand and kidney stone removal.

Previous experience supports that it may also be beneficial in relieving the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Neither most water purifiers nor boiling are suitable for neutralizing the chemicals and drug residues found in tap water. The inorganic substances (such as: calcium, magnesium) found in most mineral waters accumulate as waste products, burdening the excretory system. Water, as the main constituent of the blood is the body’s primary information carrier because it contributes to the transport of information and nutrients amongst the cells, certain organs and organ systems.

Foods prepared with this kind of water will be more naturally tasteful and less added spices will be needed too.


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