A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with a pH value of 8.4! A naturally iodine and alkaline mineral spring water with an iodine concentration of 0,4 mg/l! It is also available in oxygen-enriched form!

BRILL is not a man- made substance

The osmotic pressure of the human blood corresponds to that of the osmotic pressure of a 0.9% NaCl solution which is the equivalent of 9000 mg/l concentrated saline solution. If we compare these values with the ion concentrations present in water, then its total salinity of 713 mg/l is considered a very low value. That is, among such mineral waters it can be classified as mild and, therefore, it can be stated that unlimited quantities of BRILL mineral water can be consumed (of course this is based on the concentration of ions and it does not suggest exceeding the daily recommended amount of water).

If we drink mineral water with an osmotic pressure lower than that of our body fluids, then the intake can dissolve the accumulated undissolved salts and stone formations. In other words, BRILL excellently flushes the body, thus enhancing the kidneys and the liver function.

When the concentration of our drinking water, soft drinks and food is higher than the viscosity of our body fluids at osmotic pressure, then the intake loses its solubility and drains the cells. This can lead to cell imbalance. Our kidneys become overloaded, unable to excrete, with a result of allergies, intestinal problems, high blood pressure, joint pains, calcification, and stone deposition.

The consumption of pure Brill water allows our body to remove toxins, thus relieves our immune system and increases our resistant ability.

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